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We run all our surgeries by an appointment only system and it is ONE appointment for ONE problem. Morning appointments can be booked by telephoning the surgery upto one month beforehand or on the day you wish to be seen. There are also daily slots for ‘telephone consultations’. You will need to provide an up to date contact number to be called back on. You can request a double appointment in the morning surgeries ONLY if you wish to discuss 2 problems. Multiple problems will need to be booked over several appointments, but we cannot guarentee it will be with the same Doctor, although we will try to do this for you.

You can now order your repeat prescriptions and book and cancel appointments online. You will need to register with the surgery before using this service. Please ask reception for details.

Evening appointment for the Doctors cannot be pre-booked and must be booked on the day they are required.

The Nurse Practitioner sees the emergency patients,  but the Doctors also have ’emergency’ appointments every morning, which are booked 5 minute appointments only on the day. Patients who are booked into an emergency appointment are advised that they will be seen at the time given only.

We have late evening, commuter slots available for those patients who work a considerable distance from the surgery and these appointments can be pre-booked in advance.

We only take appointment requests for the mornings up to 10.30am for the Doctors and Nurse Practitioner, although we cannot guarentee we will have available appointments left for the morning if you ring in at this time. Any patient telephoning or coming into the surgery after this time will be advised that they can be booked from 2.00pm with the Nurse Practitioner if she is working or, alternatively,  telephone us at 3pm for an evening surgery appointment.

We book the evening appointments from 3pm onwards, but the surgeries do not start until 4pm and we have limited appointments therefore we cannot guarantee that patients will be seen if they ring up or come in towards the end of the evening surgery times. We cannot offer double appointments in the evenings due to the limited spaces available.

We try to make sure you see the doctor of your choice but if they are not available we may ask you to see another doctor or our Nurse Practitioner, who can prescribe and refer exactly the same as the Doctors.

If you are too ill to come to the surgery and you require a visit at home, please call the surgery before 10.30am. Home visits take up much more of a doctor’s time than a consultation in the surgery, so if you are mobile please come into the surgery to be seen. Requests for a home visit does not guarentee a Doctor will come out to see you, but they will ring you beforehand so it is important that you give the reception staff your correct contact number(s).

Patients who are 10 minutes late for all any clinics, or 5 minutes late for an appointment in the Wart Clinic, will not be seen. They will have to re-book their appointment, but they will not be guaranteed to be seen on the same day. Any patient who does not attend 3 appointments with any of the Healthcare Professionals at the Surgery will be sent a warning letter and could potenially be removed from our register should they continue to DNA their appointments.

Missed Appointments

This is a serious issue in the surgery with several appointments being missed and not cancelled on a daily basis by patients who DNA (do not attend) their appointment for whatever reason.

In line with the surgery policy, any patient who fails to attend 3 appointments within a 12 month period will receive a warning letter informing them that should this happen again they will be removed from our patient list.

If the patient is under 16 years old then the whole family will be removed. We have a dedicated cancellation option (option 2) on our phone line and you can cancel by email (  or in person as well.