Abbey Wood Surgery

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Accountable named GP

The Practice is required under the terms of the latest GP contract from NHS England, to allocate a named accountable GP who will be responsible for your overall care. The named accountable GP will oversee the coordination of your care amongst other health professionals, but will not however take 24-hour responsibility for your care.

Patients can still book appointments with the GP, GP Registrar, or Nurse Practitioner of their choice as normal. A preference may be expressed as to whom a patient would like to see, but please note that this may not always be possible immediately due to availability with that Dr/ Nurse Practitioner

As Abbeywood Surgery has 2 GP partners, the accountable GP for all female patients will be Dr Hannah, and for male patients – Dr Hubert. If you have a preference for which GP you are allocated, the practice will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your request